Yoga Classes run Tuesday evenings at:

St. Alban's Hall,

Charles Street,

Oxford, OX4 3AU

6.30 - 8pm

This is a slow restorative yoga class open to everyone. Expect deeply restful and resourcing mindful movement with breath awareness. As the guidance supports your own flow and natural pace this is suitable for everyone, with or without yoga experience.

Attention is the natural prayer of the soul.......... (Malebranche)


As always the slow movement approach has a strong emphasis on developing our potential for attention as well as helping dissolve tensions, building strength and opening up a greater sense of space.


Through gentle, grounded movement and breath practices, we gradually open our capacity to feel and be with sensation. 


Sensation helps us stay in touch with the present moment. It also rebuilds and strengthens our "interoceptive awareness" or our ability to connect and be with our deeper selves, with others and our environment.


My intention is to offer deeply restorative, life enhancing practices that nourish our hearts, minds, bodies and soul and offer a friendly space for us all to be in community through accessible movement and rest.

One to one yoga sessions are available on request. 

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Classes begin 8th January 2019 Cost £13