"Anita is a truly natural, caring and insightful teacher who creates a welcoming, inclusive and reflective space within her classes.

Her teaching combines in-depth physiological understanding with a spiritual mindfulness, and

takes you on a yoga journey through safe, strong and varied practice of physical

postures to a deeper understanding of body, breath and self.

I would not

describe myself as a spiritual person but I have benefited enormously from the

philosophies of kindness, focus and acceptance that underpin Anita's teaching.

My practice now is more in tune with the needs and limitations of my body and mind, and far less about trying to get my leg higher in the air than the person

next to me.

Thank you, Anita."

~ Hayley Salter

At the age of 55, postmenopausal, with a hip replacement, stiffness and

lower back problems, I have had many attempts to work towards a greater level of physical ease with no real success, and like many women of my age, my emotional self care was sadly lacking.

Anita's gentle but deep approach in my one-to-one yoga therapy session has

given me an understanding of how my body can adapt and benefit from yoga and

how my emotional wellbeing can be nurtured and cared for with guided

relaxation techniques.

My perception is that Anita works very intuitively. She worked at a

respectful pace allowing me, as a novice, to fully experience the potential

benefits of Yoga and relaxation. With her depth of knowledge, experience

and sensitivity I felt she was very attuned to my specific needs, resulting

in me feeling held and understood. The way in which Anita guided the

relaxation, affected me at a level I hadn't anticipated but clearly needed

and the resulting permission to take care of myself is now an intrinsic and

valuable part of my daily life.


“The body loves gentleness.” When I first began to work with Anita, I found it difficult to reconcile this philosophy with my (now former) “gym rat” lifestyle. Over the past two years, however, I have found that while this core idea actually builds a kind of internal strength that one cannot achieve at the gym, it also informs more than just physical movements. It is a way of embodying, in the true sense of the word, the energies that exist in the world and that often go unnoticed until something goes “wrong,” either physically or emotionally. While Anita’s style of yoga can, at times, be dynamic, within every movement and breath there is an intention to care for and listen to the subtleties of the body, and to connect to the world on a profound level. Eloquent but never dogmatic, Anita gives her students the tools to discover the flow of energy within their own bodies, allowing the mind to blossom into a state of greater peace.

~Rachel Abramowitz

"I have been meaning to establish a yoga practice for years, and since

starting a weekly class with Anita I have for the first time actually been

doing it, and enjoying it. Not every day, but often. Something about the

permission Anita gives us to explore what feels good and what our bodies

want makes me feel like the practice is a treat rather than something I

ought to do."

~Polly McLean

I’ve been attending Anita’s yoga classes since they began in Oxford, and other yoga classes of various types for several years before that. I find the focus on ‘ocean breath’ to be especially helpful in dissolving tensions in my body, deeply expanding and relaxing its frame to create the effect of an internal massage and realignment.

Rather than leaving unchallenged what the mind has established a relationship to yoga should be, I find Anita’s style encourages deliberate inquisitiveness into that relationship – into the assumptions and expectations one has of oneself, the teacher, and the practise of yoga. For me this can dissolve certain unhelpful but pervasive myths, leaving the way clear for a deeper practise.

Anita encourages a constant reorientation around a core of inner truth about where one is, and where one’s body is. A strong responsibility to the self emerges, and a freedom to listen and follow what we feel in our bodies. Over and above the achievement of certain postures or sequences, Anita encourages the persistent and compassionate return to this voice. I find hers to be a profoundly healing, restorative and respectful approach to the working with body, emotions and mind that yoga entails. In slowing down to work on a deep level with subtle movements, the process of opening and releasing can happen with unexpected power and ease. In my experience Anita’s degree of consciousness and integration of this process is unique.

~Zoe Bicat