Saturday September 15th - Mindful Movement and the Polyvagal Theory.

This workshop is open to everyone interested in learning from their own body experience.

We will explore gentle and accessible movement practices that are trauma-informed and promote and support nervous system repair, stability, strength and health.

This work may be of personal value for you but equally useful professionally if you are a movement, yoga, mindfulness practitioner, body worker, acupuncturist, pyschotherapist, or support worker.

CPD: the workshop counts as 6 hours of continual professional development

The day will allow a spacious exploration of mindful movement with an underpinning of relevant neurobiology to help us grow our understanding of the interconnection of movement, breath and the

nervous system.

We will engage with gentle movement practice and skills that invite and promote our innate expressions of health. We will look at how movement and breath practices can create a shift in our physiology and neurobiology, promoting a rest and repair response.

As the vagus nerve is at the interface of our rest and repair system -

supporting regulation of heart rate, breathing, increased capacity for self-soothing, increased immune function, dampening of pain, orientation to our surroundings, communication, empathy, emotional-adaptability and resilience- we will be looking at ways we can effect its activity and support regulation and healthy function.

We will also look at Stephen Porges' Polyvagal Theory as a way to understand what happens when we feel our nervous system is under stress or out of balance, when we feel chronically activated, when we experience feelings of fight, flight or debilitating vulnerability, shut down and exhaustion.

When we experience a sense of alienation from ourselves, our bodies, our environments and others and how we might begin to help our nervous system transform and develop greater resilience and adaptability.

Where: Wytham Village Hall, Oxford

When: Saturday 15th September

Time: 10.00am - 5.00pm

Cost: £95

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About me: A love of movement, dance and yoga has been present in my life for over 30 years, and I have found it to be of huge support for my own health and life experience.

My practice naturally led me to supporting others in their own exploration of yoga and meditation which I've been doing since completing studies in India with AG and Indra Mohan in 2005.

My initial interest in health started with a BA Hons in nursing back in the early '90's. I then specialised in palliative care for people with HIV and cancer.

Later I qualified as a yoga therapist and cranial sacral therapist and offer these practices from a quiet location in Oxford.

I also work as a consultant at the Oxford Mindfulness centre teaching masterclasses in mindful movement to mindfulness teachers and foundation students.

Since 2012 I have worked at a residential centre supporting people who live with the legacy of trauma, people who have taught me so much of what I now understand about trauma, it's affect on our lives and what we can do to resolve and transform its impact.