Yoga Therapy uses movement, breath, relaxation and meditation to holistically support, integrate and enhance a persons health.

Its a very different experience to a general yoga class as its usually practiced one to one to provide individual focus and attentive guidance.

A dialogue is established through an initial consultation so that you are able to explore and express what you would like from each session.

You dont have to be fit or flexible to benefit. The practice can be done on the floor or in a chair.

Many people choose yoga therapy to develop skills that may help manage and reduce chronic and acute pain or find support and healing for other health considerations and circumstances.

I am particularly interested in how yoga can support people to reduce and resolve anxiety and recover from stressful and traumatic experiences. I work at Khiron House, a residential clinic in Oxfordshire, that offers support for people with complex trauma injury and post traumatic stress symptoms (PTSD). If you would like to know more about how yoga and gentle movement practices can help support resilience and reduce the symptoms of PTSD please get in touch.